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Ball Winder Belts

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When we use the term "belt", we mean the belt that runs between the Ball Winder and the Power Base.This belt is ttached to a pulley on both ends. This belt is what drives the power base uses to drive the ball winder.

Over time we have changed both the color and the diameter of this belt. In the beginning of the program it was a Black belt and measured just 3/16" in diameter (just like the black oring that runs around the flange of the ball winder's circular flange). This belt was later changed to an orange colored belt but still measured 3/16" in diameter.

As we increased the power of the motor to work better in both ball winding and motorized skein-winder applications, we moved to a more powerful motor that required larger pulleys and bekts (R-19 High Torque Motor - which is still in use today). This more powerful motor required 1/4" diameter belts. The first 1/4" belts were clear colored (to distinquish them from the other colors previously used). We then decided to shorten these belts slightly to extend their life so that minor stretching of the belts was not as much of a problem. So we changed the color to orange once again.

So the correct belts to use on Most of the power bases in existence are ORANGE and measure 1/4" in diameter. Exception, If you have a White Plastic Pulley on the Power Base then you more than likely have one of the original motors which uses 3/16" belts wjhich could be either black or orange. These old motors should be replaced by now anyway because they are likely to be worn out.

The picture above shows a new R-19 motor and the new 1/4" Orange Belt. Also pictured is a Whilte Plastic pulley that was used for a very short period of time which is no longer used on the motor. If you have one of these white plastic pulleys and if it uses a 1/4" dia, belt then contact us for a replacement.
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