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Electronic Meter

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We first developed the Heavy Duty Ball Winder. Then 2 years later, we launched the Power Base. One year after that we launched the Electronic Yarn Meter.

All three were designed to work together. This was no small feat because whwn we designed the ball winder we did not know how we would design the other 2 products (even though we knew we had to develop them later).

The meter was an interesting project because we had already sold thousands of mechanical yarn meters so we knew what the weaknesses were for them and what was needed for professionals and yarn shops.

Clearly because of the high price point for this meter, we knew that this meter would never replace the low cost mechancial meters.

However, professionals and people that make kits needed a better way to measure yarn length. We always knew they would need our meter and our motorized ball winder in order to operate more efficiently.

So the Electronic Yarn Meter was designed to work with our Motorized Ball Winder.
It debuted in the Fall of 2009. Other thah a brief period where we ran into a static electricity problem, the unit did very well and we started selling them to both existing and new customers.

How does it work:

The meter has an elecronic encoder in it and it measures the number of times that the wheel goes around which the yarn turns as it is being pulled thru the meter. The wheel's rotation is broken down into 200 segments which gives us very high resolution on the measurement.

All of our components are designed for commercial grade use. We have had meter outthere since 2009 and they are still running.

The user can enter a target qty to be measured in yards, meters, or even weight (ounces or grams) and the meter will measure it and then stop the power base automatically. All that I can say is WOW! I still get excited at what this means to many users out there who can now rely on our equipment to do the heavy lifting of measuring and winding their yarn accurately.

Although this type of electronic solution would not be a big thing in other industries, it is a big thing in this industry. Nancy's Knit Knacks has developed it and has extended its ball winder system by integrating the Electronic Yarn Meter (EYM).

The EYM would later give birth to the Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) and Vertical Electonic Yarn Meter (VEYM).  These products would then give birth to our Inteligent Power Strip (IPS).

So, you can now see that the EYM was an important product to NKK for many reasons.

The EYM can be plugged into the back of the Power Base where there is a dedicated jack for connecting the EYM to the Power Base..

Please review the Metering Choices page for more information about the EYM and the ERC
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