Spindles/Wireforms - Heavy Duty Ball Winders by NKK

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The HDBW has 2 spindle options available:

  • Standard Spindle

  • Small Diameter Spindle

Standard Spindle - this spindle comes with every ball winder. It has the
following characteristics:

  • Height: 6"

  • Diameter at bottom: 2.0"

  • Diameter at top: 1.625"

  • Tapered

  • Largest size ball: 7" tall x 7" wide approx. 1 Lb*

  • Solid Maple hardwood with a 3/8" dia. stainless steel shaft


* We have seen users make larger balls but these can be deformed because the ball will start to hit the wooden spindle arm and not make normally sized balls. We recommend only making balls up to the limits listed above.

Small Diameter Spindle - this is an optional spindle. It is included with the
Heavy Duty Cone Winder

Height: 6" (4.625" active area - above the transition point)

Diameter at transition point: 1.625"
Diameter at top: 1.25"

Solid Maple hardwood with a 3/8" dia. stainless steel shaft
Largest ball: 5" diameter or less


We encourage users to try the standard spindle to see if it works in their application. Users who make kits of yarn consisting of small balls measuring 1 to 2 ounces, prefer the way that balls look when wound with the small diameter spindle because it has a smaller center hole. So if you need to achieve that type of smallish ball, then you may prefer the Small Diameter Spindle.

At this time we do not offer the user the ability to purchase a ball winder with just the small diameter spindle. That is becasseu we have a limited supply of them available. If you really believe you need the small daimeter spindle, then simply order it as an option. You may also contact us by phone or email. Ordering a small diameter spindle could delay your order.

With the standard spindle, users can wind really large balls measuring up to 7" x 7". The larger standard spindle gives the user the most flexibility to wind a wide variety of balls. The Small Diametr Spindle is limited to balls measuring approx. 4" x 4".


The smaller wireform pictured above is actually a 1/4" version but has changed to a slightly larger size of 5/16" October 2014.

NKK offers 2 different Tensioner Posts on the ball winder. One is the standard 1/4" diameter version which has been sold from 2006 - 2014 (Sept.). This version will increase to 5/16" diameter as new wireform production kicks in during September 2014. The 5/16" version increases the overall thickness capacity of the 1/4" unit by 55%.

The 2nd version, is a larger version designed for Art Yarns and has been available on our Lazy Kate (ABLK). As stock levels increase for this part, we will make this larger wireform available as a standard option.
If you would like to purchase this larger wireform version for an older unit, we will also add a buy button for this part.

At right, are pictures of the original 1/4" and new 1" wireforms. Keep in mind that the 1/4" wireform was increased to 5/16" during September/October 2014.

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