List of Options - Heavy Duty Ball Winders by NKK

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List of Options


A number of options are available for the Heavy Duty Ball Winder. These include motor systems, metering systems, spindles, yarn ball cores, and spare parts.

The table below lists the available options.

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Small Diameter Spindle for Ball Winder

Allows user to make balls with smaller center holes. Ideal for kit makers.


Cone Winder

Cone Winder Adapter Kit

Allows user to wind cones on the ball winder (includes special small dia. spindle). 5 cones included.



O-ring for Std. Spindle (keeps ball on spindle)

Prevents yarn ball from flying off of std spindle

2 for $3


O-ring for Flange Drive

Black o-ring that presses against the pointed shaft

2 for $4


Std Yarn Ball Cores

5" long by 1.2" dia. paper cores, Acid free paper

10 for $6
50 for $24



3.5" long x 1" dia paper cores, acid free paper. For use with Small Dia. Spindle.

25 for $6
80 for $22

Power Base

NKK Power Base

Deluxe Motor drive system for ball winder with meter and foot pedal jacks



Hi-torque Motor upgrade kit including pulleys and Cller 1/4" belts

R-19 Motor with upgrade pulleys for both ball winder and motor and two 1/4" dia belts



Hi-torque Motor (no pulleys or belts)

R-19 motor (no pulleys or belts)



Belts 1/4" dia. Clear (these run between the Power Base and Ball Winder)

2 belts for use with 1/4" pulleys

2 for $5


Belts 3/16" Orangeor or Black for Power Base

2 belts for use with older motors that use 3/16 black or orange belts

2 for $4

Clamp Ring Assy

Includes new clamp ring assy (square shape) with integrated screw retainer nut plate, a gauge for installation and 2 mounting screws (at cost)

Clamp Ring Assy replaces the original part if it has broken or "bottomed out"


Large Wireform on Tensioner Post

1" Diameter wireform mounted on the tensioner post

Replaces the standard tensioner post which has a 1/4" dia. wireform. Good for art yarn, ribbon yarn, or any yarn that is unusually large/thick


Here is a picture of the new Clamp Ring Assy

Tensioner Post Wireform sizes

Current and prior production used a 1/4" orifice (which is actually in the above picture). We will increase the standard size from 1/4" to 5/16" in August 2014. NKK belives that a minor increase in diameter to 5/16 will help to serve more users. This change increases the square opening by 50%.

Note: on the one hand, a larger 1" dia. opening seems like a good idea, but we should warn the user that there is a greater opportunity for the yarn to "move around" in the larger opening on its way to the spindle. This can cause yarn movement at the ball. The smaller opening does a more effective job in controlling the yarn. NKK recommends that unless you have a real need to wind really thck yarns, you are better off with the smaller wireform.  

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