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Belts and Pulleys

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The Power Base and Power Base Lite use common belts and pulleys. Since 2008 when the NKK Power Base was launched (and 2009 when the Lite version was launched), these systems have used different combinations of motors, belts, and pulleys.

The original motors were the 051 and 027. They used Black and later Orange belts that were 3/16" diameter. These motors also used the white plastic pulleys on BOTH the motor and the ball winder.

The motors on the top (051) and middle (027) were used from 2008 - 2011.

The larger motor on the bottom is the 019 and is the high torque motor which started shipping in late 2011.

The belts and pulleys that are adjacent to these motors are the ones that were/are used. So if your Power Base has 2 white pulleys, and you are using black or orange belts, then you have an 051 or 027 motor.

UPDATE!!!! Starting in May 2016 we started to ship a slightly tighter ORANGE belt for use on the High Torque Motor (019) (not shown). The ORANGE belt is a 1/4" diameter and replaces the CLEAR belt but these can be used interchanegeably.

The new ORANGE 1/4" belt is slightly shorter and it will require less changing due to stretching.

If you are using clear belts with a metal pulley on the motor, then you are using the latest motor, the 019.

The 019 motor also uses a metal sleeve which is pictured to the right of the motor. Your 019 may or may not have a sleeve installed. Click here for more info on the motor sleeve.

When a user of the older motor needs to replace their motor, they need to upgrade their pulleys and belts to the type used on the high torque motor (clear/orange 1/4" belts and metal pulley on motor and new plastic pulley on the ball winder).

There will be a one time charge for the user when they upgrade to the new motor, for the pulleys and belts. Thereafter when that user needs another motor they only purchase the motor and not the pulleys.
Belts of course will always be needed as these stretch. They do not tend to break.

Think you may need a new motor for your Power Base?
Read this document first - it could save you about $60+

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