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Rotation Counter

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The ERC is used on the Heavy Duty Skein-winder. It can be adapted to 3rd party equipment as well.

The Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC) is an offshoot of the EYM. Since we already had all of the electronics developed to measure in yards and meters, we simply had to add Rotations and other software changes plus the necessary sensors and cables to use the ERC on the skein-winder. This would be a truly non-contact system (no need to physically touch the yarn).

The EYM and the ERC look alike. However, the EYM uses a wheel and electronic encoder that rotates as it measures the yarn while the ERC receives a signal from the magnetic pickup on each rotation of the skein-winder's arms. The EYM is a contact system and the ERC is a non-contact system.

We were able to use many of the same components that were used on the EYM. This saved money and time.

We then had to develop a motor control system that would be much more complex than that which was used on the ball winder. Why? Because we would use both directions (clockwise and counter-clockwise) so the user could adapt the system to their environment.

We would also integrate the ERC and the EYM so that either meter could control the skein-winder.

The ERC is a great metering system. It allows the user to enter the exact dimension of the skein's circumference in either inches or centimeters. The user can also just measure rotations. Best of all, the user can enter a target qty into the meter and the meter will alert the user when that qty has been measured and better yet, it will automatically turn the motor drive off! No other commercial manufacturer offers this capability. You have to purchase industrial equipment worth thousands of dollars to get this capability and that equipment is big and ugly! Ours is compact and pretty, and a lot cheaper!

Please review the Metering Choices page for more information about the EYM and the ERC

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