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Graduating from the crank handle to a motorized unit is on every ball winder owner's wish list.

Although cranking our powerful handle is easy and more enjoyable than cranking any other handle, using our motor drive is pure pleasure.

For yarn shop owners, it means that the owner or store clerk can do some other task while the ball winder is running. Usually that means helping the customer. But is also means that you can relax and not have to crank yet another ball of yarn. Some shops wind from 20-80 balls per day. Think of the tremendous waste of time that winding that many balls by hand can mean to the shop. The motorized ball winder will do it for you with no coffee or smoke breaks!

The workhorse of the yarn shop industry!

Here is how you would convert a crank handle ball winder to a motorized unit:

  • You remove the handle from the ball winder by loosening the set screw in the handle and then you pull the handle off.

  • You install a white nylon pulley that comes with the Power Base on the handle shaft and tighten the set screw.

  • You then mount the ball winder on top of the power base and connect the belt that runs between them. You also attach 2 clamps (that come with the Power Base) to hold the ball winder to the power base. You then use the large clamps that came with the Ball Winder to hold the Power Base to the table.

  • You attach the wooden guard on the ball winder which keeps the belts from interferring with the user, or vice versa (a safety feature). Always keep the guard in place.

  • Then you start a new ball and press the RUN button on the Power Base.

  • You can increase the speed (10 speeds) by pressing the Speed up button. Each depression of the Speed up button increases the speed by 10%. You can also press the save button which will save your preferred speed so you can avoid having to sequence through the various speeds for each ball.

  • At any time, you can press the Stop button which stops all motion.

  • Remove your ball of yarn from the Power Base.

The unit is very intuitive and is easy to use.

Best of all, it will not break you yarn even if there is a jam somewhere. Our
automatic slip system will keep the ball winder from turning when it detects a jam or other problem. It kicks in instantaneously.  You will be amazed at how well it works. There is no other motorized ball winder like it. In fact, there is no other ball winder that can go from a manual crank handle to a motorized unit. The transition is simple because we designed it that way. If your power goes out, you simply take the ball winder off the power base and put the handle back on.

Simple, right? You bet it is. It is a simple, straight-forward system that can be expanded to use our electronic yarn meter as well. Plus you can convert it into a cone winder.

It uses safe 24 volt DC power and can be used Worldwide.

Best of all, Nancy's Knit Knacks provides service for these units so you can speak to a human being if you ever need to. We also have almost 30 videos on which cover a wide variety of subjects including a highly detailed "How to clean your ball winder" video as well as Setting up the O-ring tension.

Our power base will get the job done for you. Once you go motorized, you will never turn back to a manual ball winder agian. We promise! You will be addicted to it.

Why would a knitter at Home own a Power Base for their ball winder?

  • They may not want to wind yarn any more.

  • They may have a physical limitation such as arthritic pain in the shoulder, arm, wrist, hand, etc., and would rather have a machine do this work.

  • They may routinely wind a lot of balls .

  • They can afford it.

  • They want the very best system that is available


These users have a commercial or professional need to wind balls. They have all of the reasons that knitters at home have plus they can better utilize their precious time adding value to some other aspect of their profession or business.

Schools, Teachers, etc.

Ditto, all of the above!

If you can afford the motorized system, buy it! Everyone would like to have it, there is very little doubt, but some cannot justify or afford it. With our system you can start with the manual ball winder and add the power base later. Why would you buy any other system that would not allow you to do that?

Once you go electric, you will never go back to manual winding again.

Think you may need a new motor for your Power Base?
Read this document first - it could save you about $60+
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