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Super Small Spindle

NKK is pleased to announce its new Super Small Diameter Spindle (SSDS). This new spindle provides a capability not heretofore ever seen in the ball winder world.

The SSDS allows users to wind very small amounts of yarn onto a rigid paper tube which can then be used to hold the yarn for storage or for use in other applications. The tube helps to maintain the center hole and prevents the collapse of the ball. But the small ball can be easily slid off of the tube as well.

The benefits of being able to wind yarn onto a small tube are as follows:
  • Small yarn kits
  • Yarn samples
  • Jewelry/Yarn applications
  • Needlepoint, Embroidery, Cross-Stitch*

     Ultra Mini-cores

New Super Small Diameter Spindle and Ultra Small Yarn Ball Cores
* Some needlecraft operations use yarn wrapped around a flat card. Our method is superior, we believe, because after winding yarn onto our tube, it can then be mounted onto a rod (such as our popular Yarn Pet) and the yarn can be easily removed snag-free. Cards do not allow for such easy removal.

Rotary applications are always superior to non-rotary when it comes to the ease by which the user can wind or unwind yarn.

In the past we were regularly asked by companies to develop a solution to do exactly what our new system now does. We did not have that technology then, but we have it now!

The SSDS uses our new Ultra Mini Yarn Ball Cores. These measure 1.375" in length and have an inside diameter of 0.408" and an outside diameter of .488" (just less than 1/2").  They have an outer layer of acid free paper so your yarn will not be affected by the paper. These are also very affordable.

Once again, Nancy's Knit Knacks has demonstrated its leadership position in the Ball Winding World by introducing yet another useful application for the market. An application which was not previously addressed by any other manufacturer. Our Heavy Duty Ball Winder is the only unit capable of handing this task. This also represents our 3rd spindle option for use on the Heavy Duty Ball Winder.

Super Small Diameter Spindle

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